Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ingredients for Smart Online Dating

It seems like everything these days has become virtual. Keeping up with our friends, checking our bank statements, and shopping for the latest awesome pair of shoes has never been easier. But that isn’t the only thing that the internet is good for. The internet can, gasp, bring you to meeting your significant others.
    Everyone has qualms about joining an online dating service, or downloading dating apps. The first most common one is that everyone on there is Catfish syndrome, which is when someone isn’t who they say they are. A common thing on the internet is that people tend to lie. Some lie about their age, others lie about what they do for a living. Many even lie about being a real person. People who do that often give online dating a bad name. But, that shouldn’t stop you from trying.
    According to Statistic Brain, 20 % of committed relationships have begun online, and have a higher success rate. However, how does one even reach that point, when there’s so many out there who have had a negative experience online dating, or the simple fact that there are creeps lurking around?
How Many Mutual Friends?
Well, let’s start off with meeting someone via Tinder, which connects with your Facebook. One thing that I do to ensure online safety is to make sure that before I ‘like’ someone, I have a few mutual friends with that person. That gives me that extra cushion to know that they are really, even before I press that green heart.
Slow and Steady Wins the Race
Now let’s say that you’ve found someone and you’ve hit it off with them. Now what do you do? The next big tip that I have is to take it slow. Since you don’t actually know this person, it’s hard to actually say what they are like when you meet them. However, by taking it slowly and not jumping the gun to meet them, it ensures your complete and total security. Doing it in steps is my best advice. First, talk for a few weeks, or until it feels comfortable for you. Then, gradually ask for their number, and add them on various social networking sites.
Skype Dates Aren’t Only for LDR Anymore!
The last major tip is to have a Skype date before having an actual date. This is crucial for many reasons. One, if they refuse then you know that they aren’t exactly the person that they say they are, or have something to hide. If that’s the case, then you don’t want to associate yourself with someone like that anyways. If they do, it gives you a chance to actually meet...well kinda. This is a way to avoid getting Catfished, because if their pictures are false, then you catch them on the spot, without putting yourself in a tricky situation. It’s a good way to go on a date, without actually the pressure of one.
Now What?
After the Skype date, the power is then put in your hands to get to the actual date. But, the good part about online dating? People who have met online versus other ways of meeting have more chances of making it work. At the end of the day, that’s all we want.
    To fall in love, we have to take chances, and to put ourselves out there. An online dating profile is one of those risks, because you are in a sense being Catfished. However, if you’re smart about how you connect, then you could potentially find that special person for you.

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